Sleep tight, sleep right


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Sleep tight, sleep right

Even after a good eight hours of sleep, we feel drowsy at times. Many keep complaining about fatigue even thereafter. But how much sleep do we actually need?

Studies have shown that an average adult needs six to eight hours of sleep. But the reason for for drowsiness does not lie in the number of hours. Instead, it is linked with when and how you sleep. Says sleep and insomnia specialist Dr Deshmukh, "The brain has scheduled a particular sleep and wake-up time. It is when the clock is disturbed that you feel drowsy or tired." Doctors recommend a regular sleep and wake-up time as it leads to an active mind and body.

Quality sleep is very important. It is during this time that the body restores the energy supply used up through the day's activities. It is when one sleeps that the body does all the repair work. If we do not sleep well, the end result is irritation and lack of concentration.

"Quality of sleep is highly important. If you have been having a lot of scary dreams, your sleep is bound to be a disturbed one. Sleep with an uncluttered mind," suggests Dr Deshmukh. Eating light dinner, sleeping in a quiet and warm atmosphere on a comfortable bed are a few ways of sleeping right. Your posture while sleeping also makes a difference.

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