sleeping problem of my son

Feb 27, 2015
hi friends my son is 1yr and 2 months old. he is not sleeping in night. his usual sleeping time 12.30. that too i need to force him. he is sleeping cradle only. he wants to play the whole day. in day time also he is not getting good sleep. in night every 2 hours once he wake up. how can i make him to sleep early? i can't work in the morning because of disturbed sleep. help me please


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....friend.

Few children do not sleep properly.

Please do not worry for this. He will have a sound sleep very soon.

Try these.

First of all, since he is more than 1 year, please stop the cradle habit. Later,it will be very difficult to stop. and he will need it wherever you go.

So, make him sleep next to you. Initially it will be difficult for him, but very soon he will get accustomed.

In order to sleep well during the night, you can avoid the day time sleep for him.

If he himself is sleeping, let him sleep. Otherwise, you do not make him sleep.

Mainly, do not make him sleep towards the evening which will spoil the night sleep. After 4 p.m. do not make him sleep.

If you are not able to finish your works when he is awake in the day time, you can do onething. since he is more than 1 year old, you can engage him also in your works like asking him to bring any small thing for you from one place and keeping in it's place. Like, if you wash the vessels, you can have him stand on the kitchen table and you should be talking to him about the vessels and what you cook in them. After that, if you teach him one day, where to keep the washed vessels, from the next day, he will keep them intact.

While folding the clothes, you can explain the colours and ask him to keep one by one in it's place. He will surely do.

Only thing is , you should praise him as GOOD BOY for each and every deed.

While cooking , you can have him on your hip and explain the cooking methods. He will listen them very carefully . Only thing is you should be little careful while tempering the mustard and chillies. During this time, keep him little away.

These activities will divert him and your works will also be finished along with the teachings for him.

You can also give him few vessels, with water in one of them and a spoon , so that he will be playing with them while you can finish your works.

Give him something to paint and keep him in front of you while you do some work.

During the night time, before 8.30 p.m. you can give stomach full dinner for him. You can tell many stories and feed him.

After this, by 11 p.m. you can either feed your milk or give a glass full of milk.

These will keep him hunger free and give good sound sleep during night.

In the middle of the night, take him to the rest room, (may be twice)make him pass urine. initially it may be disturbing your sleep , but this is a very good habit to avoid Bed wetting of the child. You may follow this upto his 10 years of age.

Hereafter, you may please avoid using Diapers while at home. You may use them only while travelling and that too, only till 2 years of age. Later, he may not develop the urge of urine sensation.

You may play some soothing music in the night which may help him to have sound sleep.

If suppose you are using any Night lamp, please switch it off, since few children get disturbed sleep due to this night lamp and they may need full darkness.

you may give him small/tiny pillow in his hand while sleeping.

Hope these may be helpful for you and please try these.

All the best.
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