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Jul 5, 2011
Energy and persistence conquer all things. -Benjamin Franklin

The hula hoop has graduated from being a child's toy in the 1950s to an effective muscle-building, dance or performance tool--depending on the type
Working out with a hula hoop, or "hooping" as it is lovingly called by hoop dancers is a fitness routine.

Types of Hula hoops

Chidrens Hoop

The piping on children's hoops is usually thin and bends easily, making it difficult for adults to use them. Some of these hoops may even be weighted with water.

Weighted Hoops

Designed for waist hooping, weighted hoops with magnet pieces strengthen your abdomen.A weighted hoop's size and bulk, however, doesn't allow for graceful movements around the body during chest, shoulders and leg workouts

Adults Dancing Hoops

The hula hoop's piping is larger and more firm than children's hoops, but less heavy than a weighted hoop. This allows you to gracefully "dance" with the hoop, working on your chest, legs, arms, shoulders, hips and abdomen.

Hula Hoop Basics |

The attched video link gives you the detailed information and different stages of workout.

Hula hooping may seem rather childish, but there are actually a surprising number of benefits to an exercise involving hula hooping.

1: Helps to Burn Fat

Hula hooping requires effort from some of the biggest muscles in the body. These muscles require a significant amount of energy, so it forces the body to burn fat stores.

2: Tones Your Body

Hula hooping works out several of your body’s core muscles. It strengthens and tones these muscles. Muscles that can be toned by hula hooping include: glutes, thighs, hips, legs, knees and abdomen. In addition, you can twirl a hula hoop with your arms to tone your shoulders and forearms.

3: Increases Your Fitness Level

Hula hooping is such a low impact exercise that just about anyone can use it to increase their endurance and general fitness level. Even just 10 minutes of hula hooping can provide enough benefit to your body to increase aerobic activity. Hula hooping is so effective as an aerobic workout that an hour of hula hooping can help you burn just as many calories as the same length of time of an intense workout, such as the treadmill. For those unable to perform serious aerobic exercises due to health reasons, hula hooping can be their gateway to better health.

4 :Improves Your Mood

Hula hooping is fun, and it makes exercising less of a chore. To be able to do something fun and see the improvements to your body can liven your spirit and raise your confidence.

5: Improves Your Coordination

Hula hooping requires a certain timing and rhythm. By practicing, your coordination will improve as your body starts to learn this timing. As your skills get better, hula hooping with more than one hoop at once can be challenging and help to improve your coordination even further.

6: Improves Flexibility of Your Spine

The motions of hula hooping require a significant range of motion for your spine. Increased practice in hula hooping can train your spine to a greater range of motions than you’re used to, thereby increasing your flexibility. This can help you in the prevention of back injuries

Efective organisation of time. Hoop rotating for only 10 minutes a day in a waist zone will provide you a considerable effect in its reduction and strengthening. Each of us tried hoop in childhood. Now we matured and forgot about an old hoop. But, having left the childhood, we have not left our dreams: we dream, as before, of a beautiful harmonous body and smooth skin. There is a simple way to embody this dream in reality. It is a way from our childhood, it is a hula-hoop.

Be a owner of a slim waist with Hula Hoop.

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