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Sep 3, 2012
Did you ever think why people are looking for SLS free toothpaste?? Yup SLS causes some Severe damage to the oral tissues which may lead to cancer sores & mouth ulcers. SLS or sodium lauryl sulphate is a widely used component in toothpastes, detergents and shampoos. This is the foaming agent or in other words, this is the one of the things responsible for forming the foam that we love.


As the mouth becomes dry, the pH becomes more acidic and acid promotes the growth of bacteria which causes bad breath. Bad breath is linked to a dry mouth, because a dry mouth promotes plaque. This can be avoided by using an SLS Free Toothpaste.

If you’ve been looking for a healthy SLS free toothpaste, your search has ended... Here's a Compilation of SLS Free Toothpastes!

SLS Free Toothpastes Lists!

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