so frustrated with mil

Jul 16, 2014
we are in ttc for more than 2 years. my mil just throw her words at me in a very strong that i can't bear it. how can i adjust with her. this makes me very very pressure and there is no mental peace for me.

my husband don't know about this . she wont scold or insult in front of my husband after he goes to office he is scolding me and insulting me a very very lot.

i don't know to handle this please telll me what can i do now?


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai Sriveni

Very sad to hear about your MIL's behaviour.

Yes.....this happens to each and every Indian DIL who is not able to deliver the child within years of marriage.

Have you both got tested with the doctor?

Are you taking any treatment to conceive?

Do you know whether who is having the problem for not conceiving - whether you or your husband?

If you know the answer for any of these, you can tell your MIL, that, you both are under treatment and one day or the other , you will succeed in delivering the child.

You can plead her also to pray for you both to get the child as soon as possible.

And finally, there is no other go, than to be deaf to hear all the hurting words of the MIL. You will have to cry within yourself and not fight with her for talking like this.

Nothing could be done than not to react for her words.

You can do one thing.

Take a paper. Write all the thoughts of yours in which way you want to scold your MIL. Then read it once. Now you would feel better that you have scolded as much as you can.

Now the important thing you should do is, immediately tear that specific paper and immediately flush it off.

No one should be aware of this, not even you husband.

This is the only way, in which you could get relieved from your prolonged tension due to your MIL's hurting words.

We also pray for you to get pregnant very soon and deliver a beautiful baby.

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