Some tips going for movie in the Pregnancy

Nov 24, 2011
Some tips going for movie in the Pregnancy

Ø Pregnancy can come in between the fun things to do; one of those things is catching a movie in the theatre, all the questions about loud noises, back aches and frequent toilet trips. A little bit of planning can make it worthwhile.

Ø First thing the expecting couples need to do is take a review on the movie. It is advisable to watch pleasant things, romance, and comedy or light movies. Horror movies, thrillers with any gross or disturbing material better be avoided. The thoughts of a pregnant woman can easily get imprinted deep in to her mind and the baby is an integral part of her, so let’s always expose the mother to positive and pleasant things.

Ø Parking in the theatre premises should be in such a place that the bike/car can be removed at any point if the expecting mother needs to leave in between.

Ø While booking the tickets ask for corner a seat which gives the expecting woman freedom to comfortably leave her seat when she needs to in between the movie.

Ø A torch light small enough to fit in to her bag would come handy dealing with the low lighting to prevent tripping, considering that her bladder may not hold up till the interval.

Ø A small cushion to support the expecting woman's back and make her comfortable is a must to be carried along.

Ø Simple movements of the foot up and down, circling the ankles would help reduce the swelling and prevent cramping of the calf.

Ø The high quality of sound may be disturbing for the expecting woman, sound travels in water and she has a lot of it in here right now, which can result in palpitations. The pregnant woman could leave the theatre if it gets too uncomfortable else simply carry ear plugs or cotton to stuff her ears.

Happy week end…. Take care…….


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