Some tips to ensure your child's health


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Apr 6, 2012
Give antibiotics to your children if it is necssary and also under the instruction of a paediatrician

Make them to have fruits and vegetables in their first year .So that they will prefer this during their lifetime.Avoid giving hig-calorie snacks and packed,tinned foods.

In the first 2 years , the baby's brain development will require fat in their diet.

A child' weight should be monitored after the 2nd year.And if they are obese in their 4th year, concern about it and deprive them from tv,pc, videogames and keep them physically active.

Help your children to take care of their eyes.Ensure of adequate light when they read or write.

Reading and writing on the floor will cause the child to hunch.
so avoid it.
Make sure that the desk and chair correspond to their height so that they get a good posture.

Don't encourage them to read while walking.

Ensure that the child gets eight hours of sleep

Don't be very strict to your child and don't give too many instructions.
And also don't punish them.This may cause nervous illness.

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