Some totally intolerable fashion mistakes


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Jul 5, 2011
Some totally intolerable fashion mistakes

ometimes even the best dressed can go wrong.

Fashion mistakes happen everywhere, all the time, by someone or the other. Even celebrities and top runway models make fashion boo-boos every now and then. Smart dressing is very important because what clothes we wear and how we actually carry them tells a lot about the kind of people we are. They say that it is clothes make the man, or woman and it is indeed true.

We do not have to be fashion gurus or models to look great and fashionable all the time. Most of the time, all it takes is to be neat, clean and presentable. You just have to use a bit of common sense to avoid these everyday fashion pitfalls. You may find some of them funny, but not if you are found guilty of such errors. Read on, learn and enjoy.

Dresses and tops

It is always about being comfortable in your skin. Never sport an outfit that you cannot handle like a short dress or a skin hugging top. The reason being that you may not be able to see the discomfort but it will clearly be visible to the person infront. Says designer Riddhi Mapxencar, "You should wear a short top only if you have a good midriff, otherwise you will just end up making a fool out of yourself. Same goes for wearing a short dress or a tube dress. Many of us do not have any idea about our body types and pick up things off the rack. I feel this is the biggest mistake a person can do."

Colours and prints

A certain colour or a certain shade may look pleasing to the eye. However, there are some colours that suit only certain skin tones, while would certainly look disastrous on others. The tip here, says designer Siddhi Mapxencar, is to try out colours and to pick the ones that suit your skin tone. "Never choose colours that make you look too pale or washed out", she says. Also avoid going in for the 'matching look' like wearing the same colour bag and shoes or the same colour top and accessories. They are a complete no-no!


If the straps of your bra falls off your shoulders, or if it rides up the back or does not give your bosom a lift, then your bra does not fit you. Make sure your bra fits you perfectly. Another thing that you should be very careful about should be your pantyhose. "It should match the colour of the hem of your skirt and/or the colour of the shoes you are wearing. If you are wearing a black skirt with black shoes, choose black stockings or pantyhose. If you are wearing a black skirt with brown shoes, wear brown or flesh-coloured stockings or pantyhose", says designer Deepika Gehlani.

Some more

Underarm stains : These look hideous, especially when you are wearing a white top.

Visible panty line(V.P.I): This is the most common faux pas with women when they wear a dress or a skirt. Wearing thongs or a g-string is the solution to this.

Accessories: Too much bling is never welcomed as it is. No one wants to look like a tubelight when you step out of your houses.

Dragging hemlines: It looks very shabby when the hem of your pants drag along with you when you walk. The best thing to do is to sew the hem of the pant a little above your footwear.

Underarm cleavage: When the flesh under your arms bulges it looks really bad. This happens when the outfit you are wearing is either too tight or the bra is too small.
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