Some Tricks To Lose Weight Quickly


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Jul 5, 2011
How many times have you stood in front of the mirror and asked, "Who is the thinnest and fittest of all?" And you expect the answer to be, "You my lord" as soon as possible. For this you should immediately stop all of your fad diet plans. The most rapid and effective way to shed weight is to follow natural and healthy diet habits.

Here are some tricks that might help you to lose weight quickly.

1. Eat only when hungry

There is a difference between feelings of cravings and hunger. Try to avoid those extra temptations at the sight of your favorite

food. Eat only when there is a signal from your mind that it’s time and your stomach needs to be filled with food now. This will reduce the intake of extra calories from food that is actually not required by your body. You should eat small meals throughout the day rather than eating a lot at one time.

2. Do not starve yourself

Starving helps in weight loss is a myth. It only slows down the body’s metabolism and results in weight gain in long run. You need to control your diet to lose weight and not avoid food altogether.

3. Eat salad

When there is a sudden hunger pangs in between meals then try to avoid stuffing on easy junk snacks. You can eat a bowl of fresh salad instead. This gives a sudden feeling of fullness with very little calorie uptake. Moreover eating salad twice a day is sign of healthy diet.

4. Reduce intake of refined sugar

Refined sugar increases the insulin level of body and that promotes water retention. Reducing or eliminating the consumption of white refined sugar helps to lose quick extra pound by releasing retained water.

5. Low density ingredients

There are certain low density ingredients that you can add to your food that reduces the calorie intake as well gives a feeling of satisfaction. These items are cauliflower, celery, cabbage, mushrooms and lettuce.

6. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water eliminates toxins and cleanses your body. But drinking two glass of water before every meal reduces your appetite. There will be a feeling of satiety and you will eat less than your usual diet. And also try to avoid all other carbonated drinks and replace it with water.

7. Eat vegetable soups

Vegetable soups are good option for meals and mid time snacks. They are low in fats and rich in fibers. You can cook it with lots of vegetables in different styles. Soups before a meal can reduce your appetite and prevent you from having those extra calories.

Grill your veggies

You should grill your vegetables instead of frying them. This reduces your intake of saturated fats. This will not only be healthy but tasty too.

Eat Apples 30 min Before Meals

Eating apples before lunch or dinner fill your stomach faster as they contain pectin. They are low in calories and reduce your urge to gorge on food.

Give yourself small treats

You don’t need to crave yourself to stay stick to your diet plan. Occasional and moderate treats will not do you any harm. This will actually keep you away from sudden hunger pangs for special food. In this way you can maintain a healthy diet with a happy mood.

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