Stay stylish, escape boredom


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Stay stylish, escape boredom

t's a rare human who doesn't abuse a Monday morning, or reaches a Friday on a high note. It's a rare sighting to find a person never bored in his job. Though there are a hundred and one ways (from yoga to de-cluttering) to feel rejuvenated at work, the best one is through your wardrobe.

When you are bored to go to work, make sure you wear something nice that makes you happy.
Here are a few tips:

-A Trench Coat, cape and pleated jacket can never go wrong. Go for a sport coat or a casual jacket if you are a guy. To give a smart yet different look, choose a herringbone tweed.

-You can also go for more feminine silhouettes. An A-line dress, a wrap skirt or a formal skirt in a good fit can spunk up your office fashion. Go for a vibrant and interesting blouse with ruffles or layers and big jewels. But make sure that your jewels do not make you look like a jewel thief! The idea is to keep it simple, stylish.

- You can also choose a cropped jacket and pair it with skinny jeans and a nice single-coloured shirt. Try out vibrant shades of your favourite colour as per your mood. Opt out of monochromatic shirts, until or unless it is an orange or a green or a formal white.

- Add some spunk to your outfit with textured fabrics in vibrant colours and patterns. Combine a long t-shirt with skinny jeans, black flats/ wedges or pumps and a black belt. Stick to mid-heeled pumps or wedges, but go for suede for a stylish edge.

- Long belts in vibrant colours or a waistband and a nice non-flashy (and classy) wristwatch do wonders. You can also opt for patterned hair-bands. Wear a nice perfume so that even if everything else smells fishy, you can smell good!

-Make good use of accessories. Cherry red heels, Orange pumps, a big purple bag, statement necklaces jazz up even the most ho-hum look.

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