Stepping into First procedure of Wedding

Sep 18, 2012

Am new one here. Am gonna step into first procedure of marriage. " Oppu Thambulam mathuthal " which is gonna happen in few days. Am bit nervous in everything happening regarding marriage. Groom seems to be more silent character while my self is a jovial one. Complexion is my self very fair while he is normal ( not fair and not darker ). But i liked his family side and his soft character and accepted. Yet am afraid will i get any problems because of all this things ? Can anyone help me clear this out pls.

And do i need to do any facials for this procedure even ? Am not interested in make ups or facials. And i haven't went to parlours till now ( am 27yrs ). I used to do and doing home facials like applying multhani mutti and sandal woods. Is this fine ?
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Nov 28, 2011

Marriage is all about two matured minds getting together, physical features are certain pre-marriage short-listers and once you over come them and taken a decision those are just push overs.

As indicated by you, he has a good family and a soft nature which is the most important part and rare to get now a days....enjoy yourself and enjoy every moment which leads up to your wedding. This is the first and the only time you will be the center of attraction and enjoying the moment will give the maximum satisfaction if you look back after some years.

Making up and preparing for every event is needed...for this function you might go for home made practice but for your wedding you will certainly need a beautician's support. Consult a good reputed beautician well in advance and plan your bridal make over in advance. As the events will get covered and preserved for life, you and your groom have to look the best....

As informed earlier " ENJOY EVERY ACTIVITY AND MOMENT LEADING UP TO YOUR WEDDING" and have a great fun.

Wish you a very happy married life in advance....GOD BLESS YOU TWO......

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