Steps for a Great Home Manicure


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Jul 5, 2011
You will need following things

· Moisturizing cleanser

· Cotton Pad

· Nail polish remover

· Warm water

· Cuticle remover and orange wood stick

· Tub for warm water

· Nail filer

· Nail clippers or a nail scissor

· Moisturizing cream

· Soft Towel

· Olive oil or Vitamin E Oil

· Nail brush and polish

Follow below few simple steps to give yourself a manicure

Step 1

Remove your old nail polish is the first step of Manicure. Dip the cotton pad in the nail polish remover and rub against your nails. If its bright colors like red, blue, bright pink or black place repeat it 2-3 times; till all comes out properly.

Step 2

Shape the nails using a nail filer. You can file your nails in any shape. Round, square, oval or squoval are few most popular nail shapes. Squoval shape is neither too square nor too oval and is considered to be most stylish and flattering shape. File nails from the corner to the center and then go from right to left and then from left to right. Stroke nails in one direction only to get the perfect shape.

Step 3

Soak your fingers in warm water. Add liquid cleanser to the water. This will help to soften the cuticle. Massage gently and clean all the dirt and dead cells.

Step 4

Brush nails gently in a soapy water with a downward motion. Use mild scrub to clean your finger nails thoroughly. Use a soft brush and massage gently all over.

Step 5

Wipe your hands with the soft towels and push back the cuticles and the skin of each finger nail gently. Apply cuticle remover and loosen it by orangewood stick. Remove gently the dead cuticle with small scissors or cuticle nippers. Be very careful when you do this.

Step 6

Wipe out your hands and Moisturize cuticle area by applying Vitamin E oil or moisturizer. Massage for 5-10 minutes so that it penetrates your skin well.

Step 7

Apply base coat using long coats. Be gentle while applying. Wipe out extra from the edges of the fingers. Let it dry completely.

Step 8

Apply nail polish with light strokes. Remove excess polish with cotton tipped orangewood stick moistened with polish remover. Let it dry completely and then apply the top coat.

Few additional tips of Manicure –

· Always use liquid cleanser and not washing detergent which is high in chemical.

· Use scrubs which are mild and rich in moisturizers to give your nails lost hydration

· You can use Vitamin E oil or Almond oil for nail massage

· Dip your fingers into icy water about two minutes after you finish your second coat for fast drying. Let it air dry.

· Always use good products and avoid sub standard products as it can harm your hands and nails.

All these steps are very simple and easy. Apply them to give yourself home manicure and in just few minutes you are ready with beautiful nails.

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