Stock up on some summer fruits


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Stock up on some summer fruits

To keep dehydration at bay this season, include loads of fruits in your daily diet.

- Citrus fruits like oranges and sweet lime are juicy and high in water content.

- Apricots can be cut and eaten or baked, cooked and pureed.

- Blackcurrants with their intense flavour are best mixed with other fruits like strawberries,
raspberries or apples.

- Opt for sweet cherries, which can be added to fruit salads.

- Plums are sweet enough to eat raw, or you can make them into crumbles, pies or tarts.

- Raspberries can be eaten raw and pureed.

- Strawberries are the fresh produce of summer. Serve them chilled.

- Watermelons have high water content and taste sweet and juicy. Make a tall glass of fresh watermelon juice and enjoy.

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