stop worrying and start achieving


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
stop worrying and start achieving

Worry – an activity that wastes time and drains away energy! It puts an end to our confidence and weakens our will

Worrying is the starting step to failure and puts a break on our journey to success.

At times, worrying is also compulsory and so it is there in everybody.
But people start to use it, not for their growth but for ending their story.
We need to stop worrying if we want to achieve anything in life.

Why to worry about things out of our control?
Why worry about the past?
Why to worry about others’ activities?
Why to worry about things others are speaking about you?

It’s a waste! Waste of time and energy! You can’t do anything so stop worrying.

Also, one should stop worrying about his or her fears, inabilities and failures.
Why to worry about them?
It’s better to take action!
To reach our full potential,
we need to think big and accomplish big.
There are a few tips through which we can manage to stop worrying and start achieving –

Stop thinking of the results and focus on your action:
We are into the habit of worrying about the fruits and not trying to do our task.
We forget to nourish the tree and start thinking of the fruits.
We have to work on the roots and nourish the tree with hard work, faith and belief that the fruits have to appear.

Live in present:
Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is still unknown, so one should only live in the present
We have to stop worrying for what was and what will be but start living in what is.

Focus on solutions and not problems:
Every problem has a solution.
Worrying about the problem is of no use but thinking of the solution sure is.
This is the path that will help us accomplish more and more while thinking less.

Stop comparing with others:
Whatever your traits are, whatever your skills are; they make you unique.
There is nobody same as you. Have your own big dream.
. Be you!
Strive to accomplish that dream!
Calculate your growth comparing your today with yesterday.
Never compare your talent with that of others.

Be ignorant of optional things:
From the wakeup alarm bell of the morning to the lectures of college to the lectures of your close friends and again to

the gossips on TV and further again to the advisory words of your dad or soupmate on dinner table;
there are many things to which you just need to shut your ears.
Listen everything but ignore the unnecessary ones.
they don’t play any role in your success.

Invest in Your Skills
the more you learn, the more you earn.
As you create a demand for your services your income will grow allowing yourself extra money to invest in your future.

Work hard at self improvement every day.

Avoid Excuses and Procrastination
some always look for excuses to fail, excuses such as I can’t afford to do.
Have the self-discipline to avoid excuses to fail

Be creative
do something and appreciate it like write something( one cell to mammal , millions of things to write) or cook a glass

of water and praise your ability to cook best warm water. First small step is the most important. even Our Auviyar started her aththisudi with aram seiya virumbu . (First step and still donot know why this as first)

Develop a strong self respect
self esteem, self confidence and self respect ,all conected with one another

Money Management
learn how to save your money. Be careful how you spend your hard earned money.

Stay Out of Debt
especially credit card debt. Need I say more! Pay close attention to your credit score.

Invest Your Money
you work hard for your money, make your money grow and work hard for you. so Retirement worry is over.

Be realistic
If we have unrealistic expectations, then we’ll fail to meet them We’ll be upset! choose something small that you can

do and from there you ’ll continually make changes until you are changed for the better.

Find inspiration:
Inspiration drives us.
Whether you want to look better, feel better, or accomplish the once before “unaccomplishable,” let inspiration guide

you Or, perhaps you have someone who inspires you to simply be better.
Whatever floats your boat, use that to float you right on over to goal achieving!

Keep your main goal in mind: and be specific
keep one goal at a time.once you choose your goal, keep it in the back of your mind. Without that focus you lose

drive. You push less when you don’t have an end in sight.

Think about where it should happen, when it should happen, what you want to accomplish, what you need to get there

For example, if you have a goal of earning €100,000 each and every year, your affirmation might be “I easily and

consistently earn €100,000 each and every year.”
You then repeat this information to yourself again and again and it motivates you to work hard to achieve your goal

Visualization has been proven over and over again to not only be effective in improving performance, but also in

changing behaviors and achieving big goals.

Take Action
While visualization and affirmations are highly effective in propelling you toward your goals, you also have to take

action each and every day.

When you’re passionate about your goals, you will be much more likely to achieve them.

If you have a goal you’ve been putting off because things aren’t perfect, take that as a message to get started right

As you begin to take action toward your goal, you will become aware of the fact that the steps will magically appear in

front of you as you keep moving forward.

Positive Attitude
The positive attitude brings not only best results and it makes you to feel happy without much stress
You can easily make the decision today to become more positive and see things in a new light. The ball is in your


One of the most common characteristics of people that constantly achieve their goals is that they are determined and

They don’t give up.

A great way to faster achieve your goals is to brainstorm steps you can take today to make even more progress.
I simply wrote the following at the top: “How to achieve goals faster,” I then let my unconscious mind do its thing

without censoring.

Meditation is an excellent way of calming your mind, tapping into the unlimited potential of your unconscious and

easily solving any challenge you may come across.

It can be as simple as sitting down for 5 to 10 minutes and focusing on your breath. It will not only help you achieve

your goals faster, it will also help you relax and improve your health.

connect with super natural power
Think of the supernatural power and believe strongly that He will protect you, lead you and help you to achieve your goals

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of

this future into reality.


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