Stress management tips!


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May 7, 2012
Hi frns,

In today's world v could not find anyone without stress. Here r some useful tips to make improve ur mind & life style!

Use some of these stress defense mechanisms & optimize your stress.
* Quality time for family will ensure that you have a retreat called home.
* Plan your career well; it will give you challenge, satisfaction & security.
* An assertive personality is responsible to self & others. Learn this skill.
* Communication is the key to relationship building. Listen better and your conflicts will slowly dissolve.
* Develop a sense of humor. Learn to laugh at life, its paradoxes and at yourself.
* Plan a little idleness & quietness each day. You will be able to recharge.
* Exercise is arousal and relaxation is the opposite. Yet both are necessary on a daily basis. Practice both.
* Sleep well and you will have renewed energy to face the next day’s Stresses.
* Plan your time well. You only have 24 /hours a day and many important areas to fit in. A simple formula for time & stress management. You could personalize it to suit your needs. Remember you can’t delete any activity or reduce time for health factors.
Hours Activity
6-8 Sleep
8-10 Work, Occupation, Study
1 Exercise
1 3 big and 2 small meals Quality family time
6 Relaxation, personal hygiene, social time, quiet personal time, others
24 Total time in a day

No need to take life Seriously; take it 'Sincerely'!
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