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Jul 5, 2011
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An IT degree can open career avenues across the globe. Education consultant Karan Gupta highlights the courses you can pursue abroad and the opportunities they offer.

Information technology (IT) is by far, one of the most popular disciplines for students at the undergraduate level, thanks to the plethora of jobs available in India and abroad. The majority of whitecollar jobs abroad held by Indians are in the field of IT.

Technology graduates have a vast variety of jobs to choose from. These include creating applications, building and managing websites, data mining and management, software publishing, setting up and managing databases, data security and wireless systems and of course, the most popular -coding.Contrary to popular belief, technology graduates are not just good at numbers, but are also required to be creative so that they can develop new technology.

There are several IT-related courses that students can choose from. Some of the most popular courses include IT, computer science, management information systems, engineering management, financial engineering, software engineering, computer engineering as well as specialised courses such as artificial intelligence, computer embedded systems, network security and data structures.

The US is, by far, the most popular destination to study and work in IT because more than 90% students who study this and related fields are directly absorbed after graduation by companies in the country. Students who study IT, computer science, computer architecture or even information systems in the US, are given OPT (a type of work permit) for 29 months directly after they complete their study programme. Other popular countries to pursue education in this discipline include Canada and Australia, where a number of jobs are available in computer science.

Popular job options in the field of IT

Software Engineer

Also known as a software architect or systems programmer, a professional in this field works in programming system-level software and operating systems or database systems. A software engineer may interact with clients to understand their requirements and then create a solution or new system as per clients' needs.

Technical Support

Profiles in this domain require professionals to solve customer issues and respond to messages for help. This is a great entry point in the IT industry.

Graduates can be hired as operations analysts or problem managers as well.

Systems Analyst

Systems analysts, system engineers or technical designers investigate and analyse specific business problems and come up with information systems that provide a solution. This profile calls for an understanding of business as well as technical skills and, of course, good communication skills.

Business Analyst

Also known as enterprise wide information specialists, these professionals need to identify opportunities to improve the already existing business processes and operations. Naturally, good people skills as well as a solid foundation of knowledge of business and IT is a must.

Network Engineer

Network engineers, also referred to as hardware engineers or network designers, are required to set up, administer and maintain networks (including local area networks and wide area networks) for companies. This is a demanding role, in which professionals are responsible for security and data storage as well.Most importantly, professionals are required to prevent hardware and software crashes.

Technical Consultant

IT consult ants or application specialists provide technical expertise for IT systems and clients. Professionals can be involved at any stage of a project and must have excellent technical skills.

Project Manager

Project managers or project leaders are responsible for organising and managing teams and resources to make sure that the projects assigned are completed on time and most importantly, in the budget stated by the company. One should have great leadership qualities, the ability to work in a team as well as technical skills to be successful in this job role.

There are several job profiles available to fresh entrants in this field and they have several opportunities to work almost anywhere in the world.

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