Summer corporate wear


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Jul 5, 2011
Summer corporate wear

If you want to wear loose fitting clothes to office in summer but dread that monotonous corporate look, here’s how to glam up. Put on a simple shirtdress, throw in a chic accessory or try a Peter Pan collar shirt to see the difference.

Fashion experts suggest that comfortable fits in subtle colours, a bit of detailing, topped with minimal make-up, can do wonders to your work attire.

“Summer is a season when you prefer loose fitting clothes over slim-fits to remain fresh and comfortable throughout office hours. So try monochromatic shirts or the shirtdress in different prints or in single tones,” designer Mmonika Arora told IANS.
“A shirtdress is more of a traditional dress with a bit of twist and fusion in its design and cut. With a belt along the waistline, this dress gives a slim and smart look to your personality,” she said.

The designer says women should lay emphasis on accentuating their best body feature while selecting corporate wear.

“Choose an outfit that accentuates your best features and commands attention. Make sure that it’s not over-the-top. You want to look classy, not flashy. And, remember, dresses are the definition of femininity,” said Arora.

For designer Vandy Mehra, who specialises in corporate wear, the detailing — minimal embroidery and metallic elements - adds spark to the entire corporate look.
“The detailing is what makes the ensemble glamorous and one needs to focus on that. It’s all about comfortable, yet sharp dressing for the corporate look this spring-summer,” said Mehra, who runs a label called SBJ.

“Women should also opt for folded cropped trousers with a white-coloured front bow shirt. A flower print Peter Pan collar shirt is a wardrobe staple this season.”
Laying your hands on the right colour and fabric also needs attention for office wear, says designer Kapil Arora of label Kapil and Mmonika
“Keep in mind your skin tone while selecting the right colour. If you have fair skin, don’t pick colours that make you look either more pale or white.
“Pastel colours like light green, light purple, yellow and mustard work best in summers. Fabrics like cotton and linen are must have, but for corporate wear, it is better to opt for a blend of linen or wrinkle-free fabric,” said Kapil.

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