Surprise your Valentine


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Surprise your Valentine

So even if you're not a 'Valentine Day person,' go with the swing this time and may be this year will change your mind.

If your partner seems too busy to plan out something, why not make one yourself and surprise your lover. Here are a few ways to do so.

A walk down your memory lane
If you've spent some beautiful years with your partner, which has left you with millions of moments to cherish, why not relive them again. Plan a day out with your partner taking him/her to the coffee shop you'll always met at, followed by a movie you both adore, or a play you'll always wanted to catch up on. Leave sweet nothing along the way. Perhaps a jacket she really liked at a nearby shop, or a DVD he mentioned he could never find in the stores.

Take him for a stroll to the street where he first asked you out. Or take her to the beach where she first clung on to your hand.

On the shores
If you're an absolute romantic and have probably saved up for this day, here's a plan you both will love. While a beach is one of the most romantic places for lovers, unfortunately you really can't enjoy your privacy at any beach in Mumbai. Fret not! If you can't be by the shore, be on the shore. Hire a cruise and head on for a short ride. Make it more special with a candle light dinner and some music. With the beautiful weather prevalent in the city, a date on a cruise will make you fall in love again.

Come Valentine's Day and you have spas and massage centers offering several discounts on couple massages. Check up and take an appointment for one your sure your partner will love. Too shy to head out for it? Why not create the perfect ambience for it at home. Chose your own ingredients to make your scrub - a sugar and honey one, or a dark chocolate treat.

Personalise it
There usually is always something that is of common interest. One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine's Day is to celebrate that thing that connects you two. If you like trekking, head out for a trek together, or opt for some water sports if that's your preference. If you both love to dance, book a studio for a day and dance till your feet ache. A musical concert is great for those who adore the beats. We know your partner loves you for who you are, but you surely do want to look perfect in the image your lover carries of this day, right? Besides, that little extra care on grooming wouldn't hurt.

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