Surprising Health Benefits of Being in Love


Yuva's of Penmai
Oct 15, 2011
Better Sleep

Love will also improve your sleep condition for the better. Very often couples go to sleep immediately after a session. The reason being that the oxytocin that is released helps in obtaining a deeper and sounder sleep. It is important to get a certain amount of sleep on a daily basis. This has innumerable health benefits as well. You also enjoy a steady weight and a better blood pressure level. So if you want to enjoy good sleep, ensure you have a good session.

Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles

Kegels is a term that is making big news in the exercise world. They are basically exercises done to increase the strength of your pelvic muscles. This is a special case for all women. A weak pelvis may lead to a very embarrassing problem called incontinence later in life. This condition is when the sufferer has no control over the urinary bladder. Love will improve your pelvic floor muscles which in turn will help you perform better while making love. Hence the need to make love more frequently.

Reduce Risk of Cancer

Men who are above the age of 50 are more likely to suffer from prostrate cancer. It is a common condition. However, results show that more frequent love making helps young men in reducing their chances of getting this deadly disease later on in life. The American Medical Association reported in one of their journals that men who had at least 21 sessions a month were less likely to get prostate cancer. This should again be enough reason for men to start enjoying more sessions to keep them away.

Reduces Pain

Painkillers can now take a back seat. People are prone to consuming pills for different kinds of pain – the most common one being headaches. Good news again. Love boosts oxytocin production which in turn boosts endorphins – the natural body pain killers. Hence it will help you overcome bodily pain resulting from headaches, arthritis and PMS symptoms. In a study conducted, about 48 people were made to inhale oxytocin and then then the researchers pricked one of their fingers. Oxytocin was found to increase their overall pain threshold.

Deeper Intimacy

Regular love making is also known to boost oxytocin levels. It is nicknamed the love-hormone. It is largely responsible for trust building and bonding in couples. In a research, about 59 unique women were studied. They were asked to hug their partners intimately for a period of time and then the levels of oxytocin were checked. Physical intimacy increased the levels significantly. People also feel more generous. Both these feelings of trust and generosity are extremely important aspects of the lives of couples.

Better Self-Esteem

People who do it regularly are less likely to suffer from low self-confidence. Researchers from the University of Texas reported that people made love to boost their self-esteem. It figured high in the list of 237 reasons. Even if you do not have a low self-esteem, it is still good to improve your self-esteem even more. It is a mutual concept – you can have great love if you good self-esteem and your self esteem is improved when you have frequent love making. Many therapists advice their patients to indulge in more sessions.

Improves Heart Health

Good news for all those suffering from cardiac problems. A reputed British study conducted over a period of 20 years showed desired results. Men having making love at least two or more times a week were less likely to suffer from fatal attacks when compared to men who did it only once a month. That is great news. There are some ill-advised old folks who opine that it causes stroke but there is no evidence to prove the same. So it is time to improve the functioning of your heart!

Burns Calories

How often have you lamented missing out on a workout session at the gym? No need to worry henceforth. It has been estimated that a mere thirty minutes of a sex session burns 85 calories. To add on to the facts, consider sexual activity for about forty two half hour sessions that burn a staggering 3,670 calories. Even if this is achieved in a span of two months, still you end up losing a pound! So no pain, only pleasure on your way to weight loss. Physical trainers opine that love is a wonderful mode of exercise.

Boosts Immunity

Now forget pills to improve your immunity. Here is a more pleasurable and healthier options – have sex and have it regularly. The antibodies required by our body such as immunoglobulin A (commonly termed IgA). This vital immunity provider helps you keep away from infections like common cold and the like. A study in this regard was conducted by a University Wilkes with 112 students. These students were asked to keep track of their sessions and provide their saliva as study samples. IgA was higher in students who made love at least once a week.

Less Stress and Lower Blood Pressure

There have been proven reports to suggest the same. It also reduces high blood pressure levels and brings it back to normalcy. This fact is strongly supported by a study conducted in Scotland where about 22 men and 24 women tracked their sexual activity. The researchers who conducted the study exposed them to different kinds of stress situations and then recorded their blood pressure consistently. People who had more frequent sessions reported lower blood pressure and lesser stress compared to others to either abstained or resorted to other behaviors.


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