Symptoms of Food Posoning | Signs of Food Posoning


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Jul 5, 2011
Usually the symptoms of food poisoning are mild and it is not a deadly disease. Food poisoning is very common in India and Pakistan as well. Food poisoning refers to disease to brought on by ingesting foods polluted with living microorganisms and the digestive tract is most commonly affected.

Food poisoning is suspected when sudden, acute gastrointestinal symptoms arise. It is difficult to prove that food poisoning is the cause of illness unless several people develop symptoms after sharing a meal. Severe symptoms require particular treatment and some times hospitalization.

The leading symptoms of food poisoning are vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The signs from the most common types of food poisoning generally start with 2 to 6 hours of taking the food. This period may be longer or shorter, depending on the toxin or organism responsible for the illness.

Some other symptoms come from bacteria-related illness as opposed to viral infection. Salmonella infection is the most notable type of the disease. In bacterial-base cases of food poisoning the most striking signs are watery diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, muscle aches, pains and even joint pain.

In some cases abdominal cramps, fever, headache and bloody stools are noted. These are most common reasons for food poisoning infants and children, which is traveled from person to person. Sever symptoms may include stools with a lot of blood and can result in the damage of the nervous system.

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