Target your fat spots!—naturopathic way( Weightloss)


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Jul 5, 2011
Target your fat spots!—naturopathic way

Correcting your hormonal imbalance can help you find and fix your body's hated jelly bits and fat spots

Fed up of being told that it's impossible to get rid of body black spots such as thunder thighs or a wobbly belly? Spot fat reduction has for long been a disputed theory, but much to your relief, naturopath Max Tomlinson reposes full faith in it in his new book — Target Your Fat Spots. The key to achieving targeted fat loss, Max says, is to focus on why you've accumulated it on a specific area.

Hormone imbalances are the main cause of us sporting fat spots as hormones regulate a multitude of our body processes, including how and where we store fat. "So if they get a little imbalanced, you can end up putting on flab in very particular areas, such as your hips and the tummy," says Max, adding imbalances are caused due to poor diet, stress and lack of exercise.

Since each fat spot is caused by the action or inaction of a specific hormone, it's possible to rebalance and combat the problem. Here's how you can get down to some successful fat-spot-fighting:

Why it happens

Stored fat around the belly suggests a problem with the adrenal glands, which produce the stress hormone cortisol. Long-term pressure and the resulting high levels of cortisol trigger the over-production of insulin and encourage the body to lay down stomach fat across layers. Those fat pockets at the back which can make your bra feel tight are often linked to a sluggish thyroid. This gland produces the hormone thyroxine, which controls the rate at which you burn calories. If it's underactive, it can cause back fat, weight gain, lack of energy and a low mood. You probably have a condition known as insulin resistance, in which the body's cells fail to respond correctly to the chemical, causing excess glucose in the bloodstream.

This results in fat deposits around the hips, causing those bulges over the back and the sides of your jeans. The culprit behind the fat that hangs from your upper arms is falling testosterone levels that are associated with middle age. Women produce this male hormone too, and it's vital for keeping muscles lean and toned. If you store fat in your thighs and buttocks, you probably have an excess of the estrogen hormone, which naturally promotes fat around the tops of the legs and buttocks.

Tackle it

The key is to relax — what makes you unwind will help reduce your stress. Slashing stress and eating healthy will help rebalance your thyroid. Eat right to calm insulin production and restore glucose levels. Boosting testosterone levels plus targeted exercise, will help restore their shape Lower body's estrogen levels natually through lifestyle changes.


The main culprit is too much sugar — especially in alcohol and white carbs such as bread and pasta. To balance your glucose levels, eat foods with a low glycemic index such as beans, fish and meat. Cut out white carbs, sugar, alcohol and coffee. Some raw foods interfere with thyroid's functioning. Go easy on broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, peaches, soya bean, spinach and strawberries.

Cooking them deactivates troublesome compounds, so it's better you eat them hot. Replace white carb foods with wholegrains Eat lots of home-cooked foods and include lots of fruits, veggies and fish in your diet. Avoid alcohol and sweets. Eat antioxidantsrich foods such as fresh herbs, spices, citrus fruit, nuts and berries. Too much sugar or white carbs in your diet can decrease testosterone levels. Cut them out but don't crash diet as longterm calorie restriction can lower testosterone levels. Eat plenty of 'good' fats, found in salmon and avocado. Eat more fruits, veggies and wholegrains as their fibre binds to, and helps excrete, excess estrogen. Cut down on alcohol, painkillers and processed meats as their preservatives hamper your liver's best efforts to clear estrogen.


Working out eases stress, but supplement your regime with some calming activity such as yoga. Moderate exercise reduces stress and boosts your metabolism to shift fat. Try something fun, such as dancing or using a children's trampoline. Get a lot of cardio or any activity that raises your heart rate because that is key to busting love handles. Run or walk for five to ten minutes a day. Light weight-bearing workouts — ones that use body weight to put pressure on the muscles — will boost testosterone. Jogging or brisk walks will do the job. Ideally, you should walk or run for 10 minutes a day, as it's the most natural way of elevating heart rate. You may also cycle, row or cross train in moderation.

— Daily Mirror
Jan 21, 2014
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