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Jul 5, 2011
technology can help weight management

Luckily, with today's technology, there are resources online and offline that can be used to help you stay motivated and track the progress you are making. From Facebook to smartphone apps, these different technologies offer at-your-fingertips access for weight loss strategies, motivation, and encouragement!

Virtual support groups:

Research has shown that you're more likely to stick to a fitness plan if you have support. Along with relying on family and friends for support, you could also join virtual groups of like-minded people on social networking sites. Popular initiatives like BigLoserIndia help you stay on track with weight management goals. Other initiatives like recipe sharing, workout tips, and buddy support systems can also help keep you motivated and addicted to weight management efforts.

Use the smartphone smartly!

There are a lot of ways that your, now inseparable buddy, the smartphone can help you where weight management is concerned. Browse through the apps available to you and you are sure to come across several that offer you personalized diet and exercise plans. Popular health apps include those that generate healthy meal plans along with recipes. Disease and dosage specific apps, for instance those that target diabetics, are also widely available.

Stay updated:

Track with a variety of tech tools available in the market. Along with making better food choices, many factors can help you achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss including exercise and sleep. Keeping track of calories burned is easier by using a pedometer that can monitor how far you've walked or run. Stay updated about everything from health news and fitness facts to personal fitness goals and targets.

Resolve the sleep issues

Surprised? Yes, it's true. Smartphones can help you sleep better. Sleeping well has an important part to play not just in maintaining a healthy lifestyle but also weight management. Sleep disorders are becoming very common in today's times. There are a number of high tech products on the market today that can monitor your sleeping patterns, helping gauge your sleep quality and pinpoint the factors that affect it.

Track your progress:

Maintain a daily blog of what you eat, and you'll lose twice as much weight, says a study from Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research. But instead of the standard pen and paper method, take pictures of your daily meals and store your photo diary on your computer. it may help you be more conscious of and perhaps think twice about your food choices before you eat.
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