tel me any remedies to remove venpullikal


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Dec 2, 2011
Hi Neethu,

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These white spots may be due to fungal infection or may be Leucoderma. If the skin loses its melanin content, this condition occurs.

You can try the following home remedies:

1. Soak some fenugreek (வெந்தயம் ), over night, and in the morning, you can wash your face (affected areas) with that water.

2. You can rub the affected spots with a small piece of ginger or garlic.

3. Make a paste of honey, sandal wood (அரைத்த சந்தனம் ), rice powder and turmeric powder, and apply this paste over the affected areas.

4. Make a paste of honey with cinnamon (பட்டை ) powder, and apply this over the affected areas.

5. You can apply ALOE-VORA gel over the face.

6. You can use fig juice (அத்தி பழச் சாறு)

If you find remedy with these, it is well and good. If not, please visit a HOMEOPATH doctor. Usually, for SKIN PROBLEMS, HOMEOPATHY shows very good improvement, than ALLOPATHY.
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