thanks to and results that our family got from shikakai powder is good

May 19, 2016
hi all

i have joined new recently in penmai. i am a home maker with 3 kids

i would like to share experience that we have faced in our family.

we were a big fan of shampoos in our family. we normally keep on changing brands in shampoo. because shampoo is easy to use.

my middle daughter started getting lot of hair loss. some times she used to cry that she feels like itching in her hair.

took her to hospital for 1 year. when she takes medicines, she feels better and then again from the second day it continues. then she gave up that also

then i came to a conclusion to research in net about this problem. then i came to penmai from google. there was a discussion like home made products for hair loss , dandruff. then i thought of buying shikakai powder.

then i purchased a home made product from online . now have been trying for the past 3 months, initially she faces lot of hair loss again using shikakai powder, and after 2 month now, she is feels some what reducing in hair loss dandruffs

now me also started using shikakai powder and two of her sisters are also trying to change to those products.

it is amazing to see these home made products giving awesme results

i cannot recommend everyone to use, because for each and every hair it differs.

i forgot the link whr i bought this from. but attaching the product image.


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