The art of sandwiching nutrition


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Jul 5, 2011
The art of sandwiching nutrition

A UK based dietician has a sandwich recipe to tackle almost every deficiency and even mood swings. We ask experts here whether it can work for us

An assortment of breads, a range of sauces, herbs, cheese from diaries across the globe and of course meat in all forms - cold cuts, minced, seekh, being so readily available, have set the stage for some formidable sandwiches. And yes, with the help of the right recipe, a sandwich is very capable of graduating from junk food to health food. In fact, UK based dietician, Dalhia Campbell, has just the recipes that will not only boost your immunity but also take care of your appearance.

Food for good mood
There's a recipe to zing up your slugging mood as well! Campbell suggests to put together lean beef with chilli sauce on seeded wholegrain. And it should work, according to nutritionist Nysha Bijlani as chilli is known to have a chemical called Capsaicin that triggers the brain to release endorphin, the feel-good hormone. But for the part of lean beef - that releases something called as Tyrosine, another stimulant - Bijlani thinks lean chicken, or even turkey would be a better option. "Definitely healthier and also more suitable in our country, as many don't eat beef," she says.

Beat the bloating
Next from Campbell is tuna sandwich, to beat that bloated feeling. Bijlani explains why tuna, "The fish is rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin B6, both known to help get rid of water retention."

Power up your workout
Campbell's peanut butter and banana sandwich for sports enthusiast gets a green light too. Says dietician and sports nutritionist Deepshika Agarwal, "Banana works well to replenish electrolytes like sodium and potassium that are lost in sweat. And peanut butter is high in healthy mono-and polyunsaturated fats, as well as protein, which further helps to repair muscles." Taken an hour before your workouts, it will help fuel your exercise, or taken within 30 minutes afterwards it will help repair your muscles. However, Agarwal says she'd suggest tofu (soya paneer) along with it for the extra zing of protein.

For a healthy heart
Another on the list is tinned salmon in spring water with salad on oatmeal bread for a healthy heart. Bijlani agrees. "Again rich in Omega 3, it's perfect for the heart, as it fights free radicals.

Bite out of your hangover
This one could well be the winner - Roasted vegetables with cheese on whole meal bread for hangovers. "The combination of the slow-release carbohydrates in the bread and the protein and calcium in the cheese will keep your blood-sugar levels more stable so you'll feel less tired and irritable," said Campbell. "The vegetables can help top up your potassium and sodium, reducing cravings for salty snacks," she adds. While nutritionist Namita Jain isn't sure how effective this sandwich will be, she suggests a simpler remedy. "Some slices of plain toast could help with your headache the morning after, but avoid putting jam or butter on them. If you burn the toast, even better - at least the dreadful taste will take your mind off the hangover for a while."

Get glowing
And for a healthy skin and overall immunity, Campbell suggests wrapping in avocado, roasted Mediterranean vegetables and spinach. "This wrap is a full whack of antioxidants - in particular vitamin E - to boost skin health," according to her.

Other cures
Campbell's other sandwich cures include packing sardines in wholesome bread to aid concentration. Sesame seed bagel with Edam for healthy bones and teeth, is another one.

Healthy fillers for a sandwich...
Fitness expert and nutritionist Namita Jain suggests...
- Raw and lightly steamed organic vegetables
- Steamed or baked tofu
- Grilled chicken
- Oily, cold-water ocean fish
- Cucumber salad, stir-fried veggies
- Extra-virgin olive oil for dressing
- Lean meat (roast beef, chicken breast, lean ham)
- One or two slices of lower-fat cheese
- Adding low-fat dressing or mustard instead of mayo
- Raw, organic nuts like almonds, walnuts, and Brazil nuts (for healthier dressing)
- Whole-grain/multigrain bread

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