The biggest beauty blunders


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
The biggest beauty blunders

That red hair on the model looks good just on her. Know yourself before being adventurous with looks

Most of us have undergone some beauty blunder either while experimenting something on ourselves or while being a victim of a negligent beautician. The results obviously are disastrous. Listed below are some of the common beauty blunders and ways to avoid them.

Wrong hair colour:
Buying a hair colour just because it looks good on the model does not mean that it will look good on you as well. You might just end up looking like a fool, so be very careful while selecting a hair colour. Go to a professional for help and he/she will be able to help you out with which colour suits you best.

Bleaching mistakes:
Bleach is a strong product, so remember not to keep it longer than what has been said. You migt just end up spoiling your hair or skin.

Homemade beauty masks:
Even though they are natural and home-made with no chemicals involved, you just never know what might cause a rash on your skin. When such a thing happens take a washcloth soaked in milk and apply on the irritated skin. This will reduce the irritation.

Ugly tan:
A lot of people tend to put a self tanner. If you do not have some sort of practice, the tan might not come out the way you wanted. What you cando is massage mineral or baby oil into your skin to dissolve the self-tanner, then use an exfoliator.

Waxing mistakes:
Hot wax or just a strip up or down can be really painful. Hot wax can damage skin and leave ugly marks on the skin. While if you go in for waxing your face or eyebrows, be very careful because one strip here or there can turn you from being a beautiful woman into an embarassed one!

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