The expert guide to office makeup


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
The expert guide to office makeup

An easy guide to look polished at the workplace, and the tips to stock there

Putting your best face forward at work can be tricky. The lipstick that looks yummy in the bathroom mirror and the eyeshadow that sparkles in the car on your way to office could appear sickly under fluorescent lights. "So, keep your makeup light and natural when you're in office. Always have a mirror in your drawer. This is because makeup can change during the day as you keep working," suggests Matthew Tyler, regional training manager in a cosmetic MNC.

For a big meeting
If you have a big office conference or the head honcho is in town, keep the look polished. Put on some lipstick as it looks more professional than lip gloss. Add color to the cheeks, and apply a light eyeshadow with mascara.

Best way to apply foundation
For a seamless application of foundation, first ensure your skin is perfectly primed and hydrated with a good moisturizer. It must be applied with a foundation brush since you cannot get the same finish as when you apply it with your fingers. Start from the centre, where you tend to have maximum redness, and work your way outwards so that you can blend the foundation easily into the neckline and the jawline. This way, visible lines can be avoided. The final step is to set the foundation with pressed powder.

Office essentials
For quick touch-ups, it's useful to always have a couple of lip glosses, a blush and some eyeshadows stacked in your cabinet. A simple, natural look is easier to transition for after-work drinks or dinner with lipsticks in darker shades.

Day-to-evening transition
If you don't have the time to remove your makeup entirely, you can always refresh and rebloom it. Start by applying a few drops of night repair cream in the palm of your hand and apply on your face with a powder brush to bring out a radiant glow. For the lips, remove your lipstick if it has chapped at the end of the day. You would have to change the shade of lipstick for a party or a night out, anyway. For your cheeks, you can afford to go over-the-top with the blush color. On the eyes, re-prime with a creamy concealer. Choose a darker eyeshadow and finish with several coats of mascara.
May 16, 2012
wow, nice tips really. Would try to follow this. I always believe in natural health care treatments. There are innumerable beauty tips I follow which are natural, effective and most importantly side-effect free. It's worth a try for everyone who really want to take care of their skins.

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