The Magical Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
The Magical Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

Massage is a tricky thing to recommend because people either love it or hate. It depends on their own comfort zone. However, as the human civilisation is now plagued with chronic aches and pains, there is little choice left to us. Most of the people are turning to the benefits of massage for pain relief.

Medication cannot treat body pain permanently or effectively enough. Massage is a much more non evasive method; it is something like alternative medicine. Hot stone massage in particular is very good at relaxing muscle cramps and relieving stress.

Hot Stone Massage For First Timers:
1. If you are trying the hot stone massage for the first time then you will be need to brace yourself for a few things.
2. Firstly, you will need to undress and lie on your stomach bare backed. The masseuse will start with applying some natural oils on your body. This will allow the stones to glide smoothly on your body during the massage.
3. The stones that will be used on you will be smooth, flat and round. These are river stones that contain basalt and thus, absorb heat quickly. They are rounded by years of erosion in the river.
4. The stones will be placed at strategic points on your body including your back, neck, palms and in between your toes. These are supposed to be the 'energy centres' of your body that are being warmed to tap all the positive energy.
5. The heat from the stones will loosen up your muscle cramps. If you have chronic back pain or a stiff neck, then the benefits of this massage are specially for you. It is very relaxing, so, just lie back and enjoy it.
6. If necessary the masseuse may also use his/her hands or the stones to apply some extra pressure on some points. The benefits of this massage can be extended to patients of osteoporosis, arthritis, stress, anxiety and anyone who has fatigued muscles.

Word Of Caution:
This massage is great for pain relief but certain conditions might make it unsuitable for you.
1. If you are pregnant then any massage you take has to be certified by your obstetrician. Moreover, hot stone massage may not be the best option for you because you have to lie on your stomach for too long.
2. People with heart conditions or those who are recovering from a surgery should not go for this massage without the doctor's advise. The posture might deem it unsuitable for these conditions.
3. Never eat a heavy meal before going for a hot stone massage. Lying on a full stomach may make you throw up.
4. If you have skin allergies or unhealed wounds, then the hot stones used in this massage might open them up.

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