The right bag can make you look thin


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Jul 5, 2011
The right bag can make you look thin

We love to flaunt our bags- big or small. But bags in different shapes, sizes and colours are available in the market and hence it is natural for one to get confused.

Which bag will go with my outfit? Will this bag make me look fat? Is the bag to big for my height? Designer Prabhat Kumar answers all your queries and gives you tips on choosing the right bag.

The most basic thing to remember is to carry the bag that best suits the occasion. Always keep in mind that a right bag can make up for a bad outfit. It never lets you go wrong.

Yes, bags can make you look thin. All you have to do is choose the right one. If you are a curvy or plus-size woman, avoid bags which are round in shape or slouchy. Opt for bags that are boxed shaped. Prints that are too big or too small are a strict no-no.

Girls who are thin and want to add some volume can sport the slouch bag, the round-shape bag, hobo style bags or even a soft-body satchel.

If you wish to add a few inches to your torso, try bags which are vertically longer. Wide totes are not for short women.

Bags that have a shorter belt size are best-suited for pear-shaped women, as they hang till the upper torso drawing less attention to the problem areas. Satchels and bowler are stylish options they could opt for. On the other hand, longer belts are for women whose upper part of the body is on the heavier side.

Many feel that carrying a bag that matches your outfit is the best option. But one should avoid wearing too much of matching prints or colours with the attire.

When you wear formals, do not team it up with a sporty bag.

Some common errors:
- Don't over-accessorize.
- Avoid fakes and knockoffs
- Never fill your bags to capacity
- Carry where they are meant to be carried. Handbags are for hands and shoulder bags for shoulders.

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