The Secret of a Happy Married Life


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Jun 28, 2011
The Secret of a Happy Married Life


I think trust is the main knot that holds the relation of husband and wife together forever. It is the trust that gives birth to the understanding between the two. It is the trust that makes each of them independent. It is the trust that adds to the happiness in the married life.

Marriage brings many changes in a person's life. It depends on the person how he/she accepts these changes and applies these changes to lead a happy married life. After marriage u have new a new family and new relationships. Your spouse is not only your life partner, try to become his/her best friend. Take care of your spouse's feelings, interests and emotions. And at the same time you should have respect.

Important Points for a happy married life :-

1. Try to accept them as they are. If you find anything wrong or you want to bring some change in something in their lifestyle, you can discuss it in a friendly environment.By taking care of small things, like cooking your father-in-law's favorite dish, arranging a surprise party on your parent-in-law's anniversary, giving a surprise gift to your spouse etc. Go for a outing with your spouse where you both can spend sometime with each other.

2. Forgiving attitude of each of the two is also very important to carry a relationship. To commit mistakes is a human nature. One should be ready to forgive others faults and at the same time the other should be ready to feel sorry. It has been rightly said that, 'Apologizing does not mean that you are wrong and the other person is right, but it means that you respect your relationship more than your ego.' So keep aside your ego when it comes to keep your relationship healthy forever.

3. Happiness is totally abstract. One should try to be happy. One should not pay more attention on petty matters. In married life most of the troubles are finance related. S before getting married think over it very carefully.

4. Next the temperament. One has to sacrifice a lot to adjust with the other. And the 3rd is in case of female with their in-laws. The husband has to deal the situation tactfully.

5. Marriage is a bond between two souls. A bond is created only when there is sharing. At early stages of married life, this bond will be thick and there will be a lot of love and affection between the couple. But in most of the cases, as days go the thickness of the bond decreases means the love and affection decreases.

6. The main thing for a happy and healthy married life is to keep the bond thick as far as possible. To keep it strong you need a lot sharing. Sharing should be from both sides. Wives always wanted to treat her as a special by their husbands. Its natural and it's a kind of good ego. Men will treat her girl with lot care, affection and love at beginning. This should be continued.

7. Listen to her, understand her feelings and emotions, give importance to her when you are in a discussion with your family. Do not let her down before your family on any reason (if she is not so bad). At the same time do not betray with your family too, because she have to be with your family when you are at work. So she needs a cordial relation with other family members too. So give importance to your family also. Because life is not only with your partner, it involves your parents, in-laws, friends and blood relations. Until your marriage, parents and siblings are of your first preference. But after marriage it should be always your wife, after all she is your life partner.

8. On the other side wives should also agree with her husbands on decisions. Women come to husbands place to live her life. So definitely she needs to sacrifice many things and need to be adjusted with the family. This doesn't mean she should burry her feelings and thinking, but should share it with soft dealings. The family should also need to adjust with her. These things will make a healthy relation.

9. For happy relation, it's all your gimmicks that play a great role. Surprise your mates often with things they like more. Soft words, sweet smile, warm hugs, caring touch, lovable hug from behind, cute gifts – Such things will always make your mate happy. Spend time often with your mate. Try to go places at least once in a month. Have a long walk with arms tied with each other. Try your own style of love towards your spouse.

10. Married life has its own charm and preferences. One should maintain this relationship with due respect. love and care for each other. Try to maintain trust and faith in your relationship to make it worth living. If you are able to establish faith.

Sumathi Srini
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May 28, 2011
hi sumathi,
very nice.....

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