The ugly side of makeup


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Jul 5, 2011
The ugly side of makeup

Bollywood star Salman Khan recently turned red on the sets of the TV show Bigg Boss. And it had nothing to do with him losing his temper or being embarrassed. The culprit in this case was the make-up that was applied on the actor’s face. His skin broke out into an angry red rash and left him with an uneasy burning sensation. Obviously, the shoot was halted and Salman’s face was immediately cleared of all the make-up. Now, if this can happen to a top star, it can happen to anyone who uses make-up. It’s important to check the ingredients used in cosmetics before buying them. Also, make it a point to replace them from time-to-time.

Use cosmetics within a year

Each person’s skin is unique so you can’t have definite instructions for products. Some skin reacts to particular applications immediately, while others take a while.

Hence, the standard instructions are to check the date of manufacturing and expiry. It’s also very important to mention the shelf-life but in India, manufacturers do not follow it religiously. The onus lies on consumers to store the products in cool places. If separation of the solution is noticed or it becomes flaky, it must be discarded.

While buying cosmetics, look out for mentions of allergens such as lanolin, paraben, paraphenylene, diamine, and methyn, as they are known to cause allergic reactions. This is experienced when the product is used frequently over a long period of time. Other allergens like retinoids, formaldehyde, and balsam of Peru react immediately by causing burning and peeling of the skin, so they must be discarded.

Dr G Pramoda, Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist at Care Hospital, explains, “The best way to test a product is to carry out a patch test. It can be done by applying a little bit behind the ears and leaving it over night. If there is any irritation, burning sensation, itching or redness, then please avoid the product.”

Darkening of skin a common complaint

Skin reactions range from mild allergic to severe irritation. In both categories, the sensation is found to increase if not treated properly. Along with burning sensations, peeling of skin, dryness, pimples, blisters and cracking of lips are very common complaints. A disturbing trend being noticed is the darkening of skin due to the use of highly-advertised fairness creams and facial bleach.

Dr Radha Shah, Consultant Dermatologist at Apollo Health City, points out, “Marketing gimmicks are so strong that most women are tempted to use these products without thinking of the consequences. Like in facial bleach, the use of sandalwood pastes and fragrance powders around the lips can cause pigmentation in that area of the skin, while the rest of the face is a different shade. Even the best and most expensive brands have shown to have side effects because each skin is different, hence overuse must be avoided.” Treatments demand not only medication but also complete abstinence from allergens for life or else there will be a relapse.

An extensive range of skin manifestations can be seen as a result of allergic reactions to cosmetics:

  • Lip gloss can cause dryness and chapping of lips, itching around the mouth and hyper pigmentation.
  • Foundations, moisturisers, sunscreen lotion and bleach can cause rash and skin pigmentation.
  • Kaajal and eye-liners are known to cause irritation around the eyes and in some severe cases, swelling of the eyes.
  • Deodorants can cause severe itching and rash all over the body.
  • Mehndi can cause blisters all over the hands
Jul 8, 2013
Usage of low quality products is not good that we already know but can anyone suggest me which brand of make up kit is best which won't affect our skin?? Waiting for the reply..Update it as soon as possible.


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Jul 26, 2012
Usage of low quality products is not good that we already know but can anyone suggest me which brand of make up kit is best which won't affect our skin?? Waiting for the reply..Update it as soon as possible.
Dear apvkt, even if you high end make up kits also it will not suit to everybody. You have to apply the(small quantity) which every may be the brand on your hand and check whether it creates any reaction first. After satisfying your self then you go for full make up with the particular item.

There is no concrete example for a particular make up brand suits everybody. If it suits some body it will create reaction for somebody.

It is better that you go to a make up parlor, get yourself familiar with the brands available in the market and try some of the brands on your hands as test then decide which one is safer to your skin. Be careful. Don't carried away with the wordings of the beauty technicians. Apply yourself and confirmed. All the best. thank you

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