Thila Homam at Sethukarai

Feb 12, 2013
Pls clear my doubt. I am in great confusion. We are not Brahmins, Where will we do thila homam? Can we do this at Sethukarai. I have read in some other pages that only brahmins should perform thila homam at sethukarai. people other brahmin should do thila homam in Rameshwaram only.

pls anyone clarify me.


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Priya, why are unnecessarily bring the caste doubt in this ? who told or misguided you that only a particular caste only can perform thila homam at Sethukarai. please be informed that the Lord Rama ( who is the Lord Vishnu's avatar ) has come to this earth and born in the family of Dasaratha Maharaja. On his way in search of Goddess Sita, Lord Rama carried out last rites to the bird Jatayu. There is no caste feeling either in the mind of Lord Rama at that time. He awarded instant Moksha (salvation) to Jatayu at that time. Lord Rama has constructed Sethu bridge with the help of lot of vaanarappadai(monkeys). While returning from Lanka after attaining the victory over the evil king of Lanka Ravana, Lord Rama was explaining all the important places on the way back along with Goddess Sita. At that time, seeing the Sethu Bridge, Goddess Sita asked what for that Sethu Bridge was constructed by Lord Rama and what for it would be used by future generations to come. At that time Lord Rama answered that all the people will visit this Sethukarai for performing pithru karyam and there by the pithru's will get satisfied. Hence Lord Rama Himself have given clear cut instruction to the mankind to do pithru karya at Sethu irrespective of their caste.
Hence there is no caste discrimination to do thila homam. hence don't get confused. go ahead and do the homa successfully.


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