Things not to say during sex


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Things not to say during sex

'UCB has flat 50 per cent off on everything today.' This is one of the most horrible things you can say while you are on bed with your partner. Don't tweet, don't think about chips, don't crack a short don't brain fart while you are having sex.

Here are some other things that you should never say while having sex:

- Oops! This four-letter word could mean a lot of scary things.
- You don't have to suck my life off. Yes, love bites do follow rules
- I'm bored. Refrain from using these two words especially when your man is about to climax
- Hey, what's wrong with the cement on the ceiling? Concentrate girl, concentrate. The ceiling can be looked at later
- I need to peeee. It's scientifically proven that girls get the urge to urinate during intercourse. Control!
- I love you but I've had much better. Comparisons with your ex can be a big turn off.
- Eww, please stop breathing. Bad smell can be a turn-off but don't squirm your nose.
- Oh it's done? When? I thought you'd just started.
- Ufff...are we done yet? Don't sound bored!
- Wait a sec. Did you keep the trash outside?
- Where's the remote? What's the score? You are sure going to be dumped for sure after this.
- SRK just re-tweeted! Sex needs to get you excited on bed and not SRK!
- Ohk...what was that you just did? If you didn't like a new antic by your partner on bed, don't demean him. Subtlety is the key, again.
- Wow, I never thought I would see them for real... >sob< Tears and that too for wrong reasons while intercourse are completely unacceptable.
- Oh gawd! You wanna repeat it?
- Oh and I thought porn films were for real.
- back's hurting. Can I be on top?
- I've got to tell my friend about this one. Where are your manners?
- Learn it from your best friend!
- Let's watch porn! After sex? You've got to be kidding.

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