Things to remember before going to bed


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Jul 5, 2011
Things to remember before going to bed

Here's a check list for your hair and skin that you just can't give a miss. Bushra S Khan reports
After your daily dose of prime-time viewing, you brush your teeth, pop your vitamins and hit the sack? No you don't. Is your hair and skin ready for bed just yet? You have to prep your skin and hair before you hit snooze. We ask Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Rekha Seth and hairstylist Perry Patel to suggest a bedtime beauty ritual.

1. First of all do not sleep with dirty hair. You'll be clogging your pores if you do. Wash your hair if it is dirty. This way you'll also be saving time in the morning.
2. Secondly, don't sleep with wet hair. Your hair should be almost dry when you sleep unless you want to wake up with your hair sticking out in weird angles.
3. Comb out all the product you have used in the day.
4. Make sure to sleep with tangle-free hair.
5. Vitamin E is food for the hair (and also the skin). Cut a vitamin E capsule and apply it to your problem areas. Falling hair, dry scalp, thinning hair, frayed ends - it works wonders on them all.
6. Tie your hair in a high pony so that the scalp is able to breath. Avoid tying it too tight as hair on the crown starts thinning first. Tying hair loosely is necessary, especially if you have long hair; your hair might get tugged while you are asleep.
7. Pull you hair up right to the hairline at the front (close to your forehead). Comb softly and tie it up in a top knot. It's like working against the natural direction of the hair. When you open your hair in the morning, it will look full bodied, as if you have blow-dried it.
1. Cleansing, mositurising and sun protection are the three golden words for your skin care regime.
2. Wipe off every last bit of make up using a cleansing lotion.
3. Wash your face with a good face wash.
4. Use a moisturiser with anti-oxidants regardless of your skin type. This is the least you can do for your skin and something that you must start doing in early 20s.
5. Indian climate and skin are extremely prone to tanning. Use a skin lightening agent before you start noticing a tan.
6. Exfoliation is not as simple as it seems. People can over-zealously scrub skin, sapping it of its natural oils. Instead, splash a lot of hot water (not scalding hot) on your face to open up the pores. Take a dollop of mild face wash on a soft sponge and work up a lather while scrubbing the face gently in circular motions. This is more than enough rather than exfoliating with harsh substances.
7. However, remember that without sunscreen all this is no good.

Darkening and fine lines appear around the eyes before anywhere else. Use a slightly stronger anti-aging cream around the under-eye area.

Hands and feet
Since there are no oil glands on your hands and feet, they tend to get drier and hence age faster. In the quest of maintaining their facial looks, people often neglect their hands and feet. Use more creamy products for your hands (upto the forearms), preferably something with alpha-hydroxy acids. The same stands true for your feet.

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