This lipstick is somewhat fishy


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Jul 5, 2011
This lipstick is somewhat fishy

You can soon buy 'squid lipstick' locally if the scientists from the Kochi-headquartered Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) have their way.
The institute is developing the product from the skin of squids by isolating the reddish brown spots called chromatophores from the skin. Developed by Femeena Hassan, a senior scientist in quality assurance and management division, the lipstick will cost only 10% of the market value of any branded product, the scientist claimed.

"Most lipsticks are harmful or toxic to the skin as they contain chemicals such as butylated hydroxyl toluene, Nylon-G, ferric oxide, polyethelene or titanium dioxide which causes allergy, discolouration and even affects the taste buds as some of it goes into the mouth also," said Femeena.

She said that the technology was commercially viable. "We made five different shades from this brown colour and selected one based on popular choice. This was compared with locally-available products," she said.

The product has been made from squid skin which is normally a waste product. Other unedible parts of squids are used to make soap powders.
"The newly formulated lipstick was subjected to physical, chemical and microbiological quality evaluation. The product was compared with the commercially available brands. The new product met with the national quality standards laid down for such category of products," she added.

She said that food grade essence has been added to ensure that there was no smell of fish. Femeena Hassan's has presented her paper on 'Isolation of squid chromatophores and its commercial application as a natural pigment in lipsticks', which won the best paper award at the recently concluded 22nd Swadeshi Science ongress held at CPCRI, Kasaragod.


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear viji, very interesting invention. thanks for bringing out information about such an useful lipstick

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