-three sides of the 'love triangle'


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Jul 5, 2011
Essentials for a great relationship---three sides of the 'love triangle'

Three essential ingredients form the basis of any successful relationship. We tell you how to ensure that they are perfectly balanced

Commitment, intimacy and passion are most important qualities for a successful relationship. In fact, these three qualities can rightly be called the three sides of the 'love triangle'. Unfortunately, not too many relationships make a perfect triangle. Some are in fact, so way out of balance that it leaves the couple feeling frustrated, angry and even resentful.

If you want to improve things, first look out for the shortest side of your love triangle - the problem causing one - and focus on improving things in that area first.

Here are some guidelines:


Commitment is how dedicated you are to keeping your relationship alive and healthy. Commitment
also is how true you are to your partner.

seeing things through are some of the synonyms of commitment.

Commitment in a relationship means that most obstacles can be overcome and that there is a willingness to be faithful, even in bad times. On a scale of one (practically no commitment) to ten (a lot of commitment),

Intimacy :

Put easily, intimacy is the closeness in a relationship - the things you share with your partner that nobody else knows, the secrets, the experiences, etc. Intimacy is much more than sexual and physical closeness. It's how comfortable you are being with your partner.

Can you express yourself openly without any fear of criticism?

Do you know whether they are really listening when you are speaking?
Can you be vulnerable without getting hurt?
Intimacy in a relationship is what makes you feel that each-other's presence is familiar and comfortable. On a scale of one (almost like strangers) to ten (extremely comfortable and close),

Passion :

Passion is the energy in a relationship - the desire to rush home from work just to be with your partner. Passion is the immediacy, the lust, the eroticism, the romance, and the enthusiasm for being together and working things out quickly when there is a problem. On a scale of one (no passion, boring and routine) to ten (fiery and exciting),

Ideally, all three sides of your 'love triangle' should be in balance. Here's how your relationship will

look like if any one side is unbalanced.

Commitment and intimacy without passion :

This kind of relationship is not in danger of falling apart. However, it needs some creativity and motivation to ignite the spark it once had.

Passion and commitment without intimacy :

This is like a fatal attraction. Something drives these two partners to be with each-other. However, they cannot seem to make the relationship go any deeper or get to know each-other's innermost thoughts, desires, and wishes.

Passion and intimacy without commitment :

This relationship feels like a one night stand. The attraction and fire is there. But, there is frustration and insecurity about how long it will last.
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