Time to own a pair of neon jeans


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]Time to own a pair of neon jeans[/h]
Try out the newest jeans that are making news now.
If you thought buying a pair of jeans is just about going the store and picking up anything in denim that looks fairly good, think again. Buying the right pair of jeans is an art but now, there's also the problem of choosing from the hundreds of options on offer.

The most interesting jeans on offer this year are not the ones with different shapes but also the ones made of different kinds of fabrics and colours.

One of the hottest trends in jeans this year are the appearance of metallic jeans, but unlike the regular metallic coating that were seen during an earlier season, this year, they seem to have a brushed metallic paint look on them.

Another trend in jeans is the coloured denim that has been trendy for some time now but the hottest colour among these coloured jeans this year, is the purple pair. From cool lilac, deep purple to soft mauve, there are many jeans in this colour spectrum. And taking this style a step further, is the neon jeans, which uses vivid neon colours like neon pinks, yellows and greens.

If colour-washed jeans are not your thing, try the printed jeans. Prints, ranging from tribal inspired to graphics to animal prints on jeans are very hot and happening now.
Also look out for the denim jeans with studs. This kind of hardware on jeans give them an edgy look and adds instant style. Also, look out for the patchwork jeans which are basically jeans torn in places and covered with different kinds of fabrics.

So, this is the summer to ditch your regular jeans and try out all the new and exciting styles on offer. But make sure your jeans suit your body type and do not draw attention to areas that you would like to camouflage.

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