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Aug 7, 2011
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Tips to Cure Headaches

It is best to consult a doctor first to know the cause of a specific headache. Here are some tips to get rid off

Vinegar Cure

If you are looking for a quick headache fix , try this. Take a small thin towel and dip it in white vinegar. Rinse out the excess vinegar and wrap the towel around your head and relax with your eyes closed for around fifteen minutes. For persistent headaches, repeat every two hours and find relief. Quick and simple isn't it ? Try it at least once and you will love this quick and simple home cure.

Herb Cures

Try applying a ginger paste made from dried ginger powder and water on your forehead. The slight burning sensation will cure your headache and fix you like new !

Crushed Onion paste on the forehead can also work wonders. Beware as it might make your eyes overflow with tears but it is sure to make the headache run for cover too.

Prepare a solution with 3 grams of crushed cloves and 10 ml cinnamon oil and apply to the forehead. Find relief in ten minutes. Be sure to wash it off after you find relief.
Oil Massage

Ask someone to give you a hair massage with sesame , almond or mustard oil. Dip the fingers in the oil and give a gentle massage which is sure to get the circulation going in the scalp and provide relief from headaches . This is an enjoyable way to get some relief and relaxation at the same time.

Meditation Cure

Try to close your eyes and sit straight with eyes closed. Focus between the eyebrows and relax. Let the tension flow out of the body and find the headache run away.

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