Tips for getting beautiful breasts


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Tips for getting beautiful breasts

Breasts being a symbol feminity are always paid much attention. It is important to take care of these special assets that are the symbol of motherhood. So, here are some tips of getting beautiful breasts.

· Always wear a bra and try to maintain a straight body position always.

· Women should avoid carrying big weights for maintaining the beauty of their breasts.

· After bath, massage your these special assets with a special hydrating cream using gentle moves.

· Try to avoid hot baths that can soak the breasts tissues.

· Try to be brave and have a last minute cold-water shower on your breasts to maintain the shape.

· Try to participate in electro-stimulation breasts session or do swimming to maintain the pectoral muscles.

· Avoid wearing too tight clothes that can squeeze your breasts.

· You must avoid sleeping on belly to maintain a perfect shape of your breasts.

· Also, avoid long sun exposures especially if don’t like using any sun protection cream.

· Women who have suckling breasts should always wear suckle bra.

· Pregnant women should massage their breasts regularly with almond oil.
Feb 28, 2014
hi friends,
For getting good shape of breasts, one should do some physical exercises regularly like 10 push ups daily, avoid wearing tight bras in night times.
Weekly twice r thrice ladies can do breasts massages with oil. This kind of oil massages will give firm breasts. Iam doing all this, iam having good firm boobs. Try it once friends and feel the difference.

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