Tips for getting Soft Hands


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Jul 4, 2011
So your hands don't feel soft any longer?

Don't worry there is an option for getting a soft hands.

1.Before you go to bed, lavish on by Vaseline and after that pop on a pair of cotton gloves. Your hands will be amazingly soft by morning.

2.Do not let the skin on hands dry and moisturize them often to keep off the winkles.

Use your face cream on your hands once a week.

Do not apply nail polish for few days after every two weeks for better and healthy nails.

3.Wear rubber gloves while working in the sun (i.e. garden).

4.Apply the mixture of orange juice and honey to make your hands soft.

5.Mix glycerin, lemon juice and a few drops of rose water and use it to massage your hands every other day.

6.Cornmeal is a great scrub for hands and cleanses and softens your hands wonderfully.

7.Once a week, cover your hands in petroleum jelly and then wear a glove over the top. In the morning, your hands will be smooth, soft, and will feel fantastic.

8.Application of white of eggs also makes a hand mask. It makes the skin tight and prevents formation of wrinkles.

9.Special treatments such as a warm oil bath and herbal therapies can keep your hands soft and supple forever.

10.A professional manicure is a real treat, but be sure that the emphasis is on nail health and not covering up weak nails with acrylic ones. Go for a manicure that nourishes your existing nails and pampers your hands.


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