Tips for Healthy Diet Or Food For Men And Women At Work


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Jul 5, 2011
Healthy eating is basically the knowledge to “eat smart” instead of “what you eat”. Healthy eating priority seems to be hard when life becomes hectic because of busy schedules.

However, when we charge our body with healthy nutrition, it becomes handy to cope with the hectic routine and to have an energetic and active day. A balanced food choice can also power up the defending power of immunity to bring down the risk of several diseases.

Every occupation has its unique pressures: a desk job is clean, centrally heated office may sound like heaven to a manual worker on a building site. But working in a modern office is also demanding. But the question is; how to set a healthy diet plan for men and women at work in all the mentioned possible conditions?

Here in the following we suggest you the satisfactory answer to your question along with some useful strategies about how you can set a healthy diet plan for those who do different sort of jobs.


Make yourself habitual of in-taking breakfast so that your metabolism keep on working properly and make your working enjoyable instead of stressed or hectic piece of routine.


Fruits are considered as fiber, vitamins and photochemical enriched antioxidants helpful in protecting against cancer, diabetes and coronary heart diseases. The fruit will always be consumed by the end of the day.


You can be dehydrated very quickly in a centrally heated office. Depleted fluid levels lead to fatigue, so you should reserve a space on your desk for a bottle of water. Take regular sips throughout the day, aiming to drink about eight glasses.Water deficiency causes headache, lowering energy level and tiredness. If you feel hungry first take a glass of water to examine wither it is hunger or thirst as mostly people mistake thirst with hunger.


Keep snacks such as sweets, chocolate bars and biscuits in your desk. But these are the foods you should avoid if you want to stay in good shape. Try mixed nuts like almonds and walnuts etc dried fruit; sunflower and sesame seeds; whole-wheat pitas and rice crackers to bridge the hunger gap if you forget to have breakfast before leaving for work. Those won’t pile on the weight on imbalance your blood sugar.


Excessive caffeine can make you jittery and nervous. If you enjoy coffee, have one cup in the morning and try to switch it over mid-day as this can cause u restless at night and also can vanish your night sleep. Sachets of herbal teas such as chamomile, fennel and mint help with digestive problems and rose-hip boosts your vitamin C levels. Herbal teas are low in caffeine and make good alternatives to endless cups of coffee.


There has been a marked increase in cases of muscular degeneration (blindness caused by degeneration of part of the retina) in young people. One of the major risk factors is prolonged exposure to bright light. Protect your eyesight by eating foods rich in vitamins “A” and “E”. If you work at a computer screen everyday, you should look away from the screen regularly to give your eyes frequent off-screen breaks. It is also a good idea to get up and walk about at regular intervals to stretch your limbs. Try to do this every hour.


If you sit immovable for hours, the risk of developing inflamed tissues and joints in your lower back increases. Constant keyboard work may cause inflammation in your wrists. Fish oils can be very helpful; as are foods rich in the antioxidant vitamins A, C, E and selenium fruit and vegetables (including orange and yellow varieties of citrus family) provide vitamins A and C; avocado, fresh nuts and olive oil are high in vitamin E; and fish oils, cereals, eggs and brewer’s yeast supply selenium.


You must have lunch at 1pm and dinner at 7 pm. That’s a fairly long stretch. Instead of starving and then demolishing an enormous meal of pasta its better to have a good snack in between.


Choose whole grain, high fiber food at meals and low fats snacks this healthy diet will play a vital role in keeping you active during your working hours. excessive use of water also leaves beneficial impacts in order to keep you healthy and active during your working hours.


Balance what you eat in order to be healthy and active during your working hours. Choose low fat or light products rather than their full fat counterparts.

By suggesting some simple strategies we have tried our level best to acknowledge you about which diet plan would be considered a healthy diet plan for men and women at work. Read the simplest healthy diet plan tips for men and women at work and make yourself relieved from getting worried about how to make better choice of meal during your working hours.
Jan 23, 2012
Hi dear,

These tips will really work if any person follow them.
Fresh fruits and raw vegetables are very important for keeping the people fit and healthy.
You should include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily foods.

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