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Jun 28, 2011
Hi friends!

All of us may have financial goals, but only a few of us have health goals.
I hope you can understand the relationship between health and finance.
Take a step today and make a health plan.

Every year, "Thirty Thousand" people die because of fatness/Obesity/overweight. Yes , 30,000 people die every year because they eat carelessly. imagine how many people in the world die because there whole life style is unhealthy and careless????

Can you imagine the number of deaths due to wrong living styles......
Smoking? alcohol? drugs? no exercise? stress and depression, extra work load. unhealthy eating , less or too much sleeping.

Life is precious gift of God. God wants to see super healthy physically and mentally. Your spouse , your children , sisters, brothers and parents wants to see you happy and healthy every day and every way. Only a physically healthy person can have a bright and positive thinking. Plan for better health, plan for a better life....



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