Tips For Natural Ways To Get Beautiful Eyes !!!


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Sep 3, 2012

According to a study, when we look at someone, we see their eyes first and then take in the details of the rest of the face. A pair of sparkling eyes can take your breath away. Similarly, dull and dreary eyes can make even a pretty face appear ordinary. Beautiful eyes are not only a mark of glamour but also good health. That is why you must take care of your eyes.
Most of us look at our face as a whole. We cleanse and tone our face, moisturize it and care for it. We do not really look at our eyes as an independent component. If you want beautiful eyes that can light up a room, then your perspective has to be change along with some habits.

Take your beauty sleep seriously: Sleep is something that is not to be trifled with. The freshness of your eyes depends on the quality and duration of your sleep. After late night parties, your eyes look drawn and lifeless. Such sleepy eyes can turn anyone off. So, beauty sleep is important for you to have eyes like shining new pennies.

De-Stress and Relax: Eyes are the windows to our soul. All our emotions and thoughts are mirrored in our eyes. That is why our eyes are the first to show signs of stress. If you are under a lot of stress then you must unwind and relax or else, your eyes will give away signs of tiredness easily. It also makes you age faster.

Under eye cream:
Most people think that they need an under eye cream only to get rid of eye dark circles. This is a wrong approach. The skin under your eyes is at least 2 times thinner and more tender than the skin on your cheeks. It needs special attention. You need to use an under eye cream on a regular basis.

Eye pack:
We are usually not supposed to apply a face pack around the eyes. The area around the eyes is left bare so that the face pack doesn't go into your eyes and cause irritation. But you can still relax your eyes by placing a slice of cucumber or strawberry on it. Just close your eyes and relax under the soothing effect of the fruit.

First signs of ageing:
The first signs of ageing that is, wrinkles usually appear around the eyes. It is because the skin around the eyes is thinner. This gives you another reason to keep the area around your eyes supple by moisturizing.

Drink loads of water:
If you are dehydrated, then your eyes will certainly not be beautiful. They will look dry and taunt. Thus, you must drink enough fluids to keep your body hydrated. That will give you naturally sparkling eyes.

For the bespectacled ones:
People who wear spectacles usually do not open their eyes completely. This may make your eyes appear hollow. Shift towards contact lenses or choose frame that doesn't block your eye lashes from opening up.


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Apr 12, 2012
Gud one karti... Its very helpful


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Jul 16, 2012
kanne karti, nee kannai patri kodutha kuripagal arumai....... Yepudi en thuooya tamizh

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