Tips for Preparing for Entrance Exams


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Feb 5, 2011
Tips for Preparing for Entrance Exams

Entrance exams hold the passport for joining prestigious government medical and engineering colleges as well as for joining administrative services, banking, etc. If a student is genuinely interested in a career like medicine and engineering (not due to undue pressure from parents, etc.), then he needs to ensure that he prepares well for the entrance exam to realize his dream. One thing that is common among students who have cleared entrance exams with flying colors is the fact that they have prepared exceedingly well for such exams. So, excellent preparation is the key. The following are a few tips for entrance exam preparation.

1. Start early: It is better to start early for entrance exam preparation. Some students start as early as in the 9th This does not mean that they forego their social life or other extra-curricular activities. It is just that they do some preparation for entrance exams side by side with regular studies or during a small chunk of their summer holidays. Students can pick up and study certain concepts at a higher level even if they are at a lower class. There is no use in holding back if students can grasp concepts at a higher level.

2. Prepare a good plan and check progress in entrance exam preparation:Students need to ensure that they have a good plan in place for entrance exam preparation. They should also keep track of their progress. This can include time allocated for entrance exam preparation, analyzing their progress in preparation, analyzing and evaluating what kind of study material, coaching classes, online resources they are using and going to use, etc.

3. Understand core concepts thoroughly: It is important for students to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of core concepts in math, science or any other relevant subject in order to prepare for entrance exams in an excellent manner.

4. Attend entrance exam coaching classes: Entrance exam coaching classes will help students get a thorough drill of the dynamics involved in solving entrance exam question papers. Students can also get help online for entrance exam preparation

5. Going through entrance exam books and online resources: Going through selected entrance exam books as well as online resources can also help in adequate preparation. Some amount of self-study in the earlier stages will set the tone for later preparation.

6. Solve mock entrance exam question papers: Solving mock entrance exam question papers is another great way of ensuring that one solves a variety of questions well within time and accurately. It helps students understand the marking scheme, manage time well and also helps one ascertain how far they need to improve to ensure that they become experts in solving entrance exam question papers.

7. Revise previous year question papers: Revising previous year question papers is also a very important aspect of entrance exam preparation. By reviewing, going through, practicing and solving previous year question papers, students will get the required confidence to crack any upcoming entrance exam.



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