Tips for summer make-up


Commander's of Penmai
Jul 4, 2011
Who doesn’t love summer with all the pleasures it brings: a lot of sun, the beach and the sea, beautiful suntanned bodies all over the place. Unfortunately the heat and the humidity are real challenges for your make-up so some changes must be done in this case.The first tip in order to obtain a beautiful make-up is to use a make-up basis after hydrating the face and before using the make-up. The make-up basis is light and helps the make-up last more.Another tip is to use a light make-up. As you are used to wear gauzy shirts and linen trousers during summer, the make-up should also be simple and refreshing. You should replace the hydrating foundation with a solar protection cream. These kind of creams allow the complexion remain fresh and won’t permit the appearance of folds on your face. If you feel the need of an additional protection you can use a powder.Try practicing the natural suntan! Suntan creams can be used only on the sensitive places such as the forehead, the chin, cheeks or the nose. If you use them all over your face you’ll obtain an artificial look. Don’t forget to use suntan creams also on the neck and on the ear lobes especially if your hair isn’t long.Don’t hesitate using vibrating colors when you make-up. Beside the colorful clothes used in summer, light colors used in case of a make-up will give you a young look.A lot of women use all kind of lip balms and glosses which are adequate for summer. You can also use colored lip balms which hydrate, protect and color your lips.Don’t forget the cheeks, an important, expressive part of the face. They should be pink as if you’ve just been jogging as they will create a fresh, lovely summer look.In order to avoid any shameful situations such as a melting make-up you should use a liner which is liquid instead of eyeliner pencils. A waterproof mascara should be always present in your make-up pencil-case in order to obtain a beautiful, long-lasting make-up.



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