Tips for the perfect smokey eye look


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Tips for the perfect smokey eye look

So what if the 31st is over. The party in the New Year is yet to begin. And this new year, give yourself a different look altogether. New trends, new clothes, new style; treat yourself to everything fresh this season.

Smokey eyes do rule the nights. But add the touch of bronze, copper or golden to your complete black make-up; and you are all set to grab eyeballs. Say good-bye to the plain black eye and add a twist of metal shimmer to help you stand out from the crowd. Here is a guide to help you do your eyes for the perfect night look -

- Apply primer to your eye lids and a concealer beneath your eye in the under-eye area to hide your dark circles or eye bags completely and give you a smooth look.

- Kohl is a girl's must carry make-up item of all times. Line up both top and bottom rims of your eyes with a thick black kohl eyeliner. Use a brush to further smudge the line.

- Apply any metallic colour eye shadow towards outside on your lid and then use a brush to blend the kohl with your eye shadow.

- Apply a hint of black eye shadow towards the outer corner of your lid to finish the dark look.

- Add a smidge of bright gold to the inner corners of your eye to open them up. Re-line your eyes with kohl.

- Finish the look with the touch of dark black quick drying mascara on your eye lashes.
This look can go with any of your party dresses, making it easier for you to complete your look. So try this make-up tip, and you are ready to roll.

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