Tips to avoid a headache


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Tips to avoid a headache

One of the most common aches and pains that we experience is a headache. No one today seems to be having a headache free week or even a month for that matter.

One can sit and wonder for hours that he/she has done nothing for the headache to crop up all of a sudden. No, its got nothing to do with that everyday tea or coffee that you missed. Its because you clench your teeth or stiff your lips. Here are a few ways that you would avoid getting that headache.

Never let your teeth grind against each other unless you are eating or chewing something. There is no need to be mulching like a cow at all times. Just keep your lips closed without letting the teeth meet each other and it is as simple as that.

Keep rotating, moving and opening your mouth wide from time to time. You may head some snapping, clicking or crackling sounds, but that's completely allright. It may hurt at first, but there is no cause of worry. These sounds and pains will cease over time.

If you always have a habit of knitting your brows, stop doing that now! That may be one of the reasons why you crib of a headache most of the times.

Try massaging those affected areas and see if the pain reduces. Look for a spot that would relax your tensed muscles and give you more relief permanently.

Exercise! Nothing can substitute exercise. Exercising solves most common health issues and it is very good for your health. Exercise is the best medication and your headaches will vanish once you start doing it regularly.

Water is always good. Most times, drinking water can help you get rid of that headache. Headache is a result of dehydration. Drinking too much water can also be a cause of worry as it dilutes the nutrients from the body.

The next time you experience a headache, following these tips will help you ease your pain.

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