Tips to deal with a dominating partner


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Jul 5, 2011
Tips to deal with a dominating partner

You find yourself trapped in a push-and-pull relationship with a person who is a controlling force and dominates your every decision. What do you do in such a scenario?

Living with a controlling or dominating partner can be extremely frustrating; especially when you are in love with that person and chances of moving out on him or her is out of the question. A spouse who loves to control your life is either insecure about losing you or simply love bossing you around. This behaviour can often turn abusive and troublesome as time flows. Relationships which are based on domination may last for a lifetime, but they fail to mature into true love and romance. Such relationships lead nowhere.

How to cope with this kind of behaviour

Do not ignore this behaviour: Once you start ignoring this behaviour of your partner, they feel that you are okay with them controlling your life and will start tormenting you all the more.

Be clear and assertive:
Ensure you let your partner know that you do not appreciate his/her bossy behaviour. Most controlling partners respond to those who stand up to them and fight back. You should deal with them head on and never leave things unresolved. Says Minnu Bhonsle, relationship expert, "Be clear and assertive while you are communicating to your partner. Let him/her know that it is okay for them to express concern, but not go overboard with it."

Stop giving in to everything:

To stop your partner from controlling you, you have to stop giving in to everything he/she wants you to do. Ensure that you tell them that you can take some decisions in your life on your own. Once you let your partner enter every aspect of your life, he/she will automatically start controlling you.

Work on your relationship mutually:

If you feel that your partner is not understanding, it is better to work on this relationship before it starts falling apart. You can discuss the issue and come up with ways to better your bond.

Seek help from family, friends or an expert: If you are wary of how your partner might react if you tell him or her directly that you do not like their dominating and over-possessive ways, ask your family or friends to talk to them about the same. If you feel that you should not disclose your partner's behaviour in front of your family and friends, seek professional help.

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