Tips to deal with rude people


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Jul 5, 2011
Tips to deal with rude people

It happens often and you put up with it - rudeness from your boss, spouse or children…. But how much is too much? And what should you do?

1. Try and identify the trigger, and avoid it if possible. However, be clear about what defines firmness and rudeness. Basically, even with a trigger, no one has the right to be rude to you - you need to tackle such behaviour clearly and calmly.

2. When faced with rudeness at the work place, don't walk away sulking. Let the moment pass, but revisit when both you and the person who has been rude to you, are calm. Tell him or her politely that when spoken to in the manner he or she did, you get upset and are unable to give off your best; however, make sure you convey that corrective (if from your boss) and sensible (from a colleague) feedback is always welcome
3. When it is your spouse who is always raising his voice, try something such as "I know you don't do this deliberately but it still upsets me if you speak to me in that tone… I feel put down and humiliated in front of the children". Remember to keep your tone neutral and don't dwell on the topic, nagging for hours on end.

4. If your children are rude, don't fly off the handle and shout back. It will not help at all. Here too, let the moment pass, ignore the behaviour and calmly visit it later.
Jun 25, 2012
Hai friends....
In my opinion rude people means who are getting angry for unnecessary things and small things also. To deal with this type of people is very difficult, we don't know in which situation how they behave. So here some tips to deal with them....
* Get away from them.
* Don't give them what they want by acting jealous. If they keep bragging, just smile and say "That's nice."
* Don't argue with them they are in angry.
* Be calm and Whisper......
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