Tips to get rid of itchy scalp


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Tips to get rid of itchy scalp

Do you constantly scratch your scalp? Does the dandruff advertisement on TV showing white flakes falling over the shoulder seem familiar?

Do you often get ragged by colleagues and friends for your scratching habit? Then time you did something about your scalp before it gets infected further.

- First and foremost, itchy scalp is caused due to unclean/unhygienic maintenance of hair. So it's crucial to keep it clean all the time.

- Wash your hair at least once in two days with a medicated shampoo. Consult a dermatologist for a suitable shampoo.

- Avoid using chemical hair dyes on your hair for that could be cause of itching. If you must, then resort to natural dyes.

- Always use lukewarm or cold water on your scalp, too much hot water could irritate the sensitive scalp. Also, avoid hot hair dryers.

- Itchiness happens because of dryness so keep your scalp moisturized. Use a mild hair cream/lotion to gently massage into your scalp.

- Oil your hair at least twice a week. Heat coconut oil with white hibiscus flowers, neem, amla thrown in. Whenever you have too much itching, massage your scalp with lukewarm oil and have a head bath. This would considerably reduce the sensation.

- Always use a headgear to protect your head especially when out in the sun.

- If you have dandruff, then soak a few seeds of methi overnight and grind it into a smooth paste, apply this on your hair and wash off.

- You could also try applying sour curd on your hair to prevent dandruff. This will also preserve the hair's moisture.

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